Problems when visualizing a GeoJSON with polygon geometry

Hello everyone, lately I’ve been having issues with visualizing my GeoJSON file that has polygon geometry. It’s not recognizing the different coordinates of the parcels. It’s only identifying a single location point that corresponds to another question in my form.

What do you exactly mean here? In the form? In the report/map view? In the Collect map option?

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When I download the data in GeoJSON format and try to visualize it in any GIS software program…

The search function shows some previous discussion, hopefully helpful for you, Search results for 'GeoJSON polygon' - KoboToolbox Community Forum.

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Thank you for your response. However, it is a problem that I have been experiencing recently. Last month, when I downloaded my data in GeoJSON format, my polygons were visible without any issues in ArcGIS. However, with the new download I made today, I am getting an error when trying to visualize the polygons. Has anything changed in the GeoJSON formats? This is a new error that I have never encountered before… Thank you very much.