Problems with choice_filter in KoboCollect

Hello everyone, I have a problem in my form regarding the filters that I use in the choice_filter option, in enketo, the filters work, but in KoboCollect or ODK Collect they do not work.
To give more details in KoboCollect, the options appear in the select_multiple without the filter taking effect.
A_C_O_M_P_A_Ñ_A_M_I_E_N_T_O.xlsx (465.8 KB)

Hi @Elvin3dk I’d recommend you use the ODK - XLSForm Online to validate your form.

A first glance showed the following error:

I then fixed the first error and then came another below:

I would strongly recommend you use this validator tool and your problems will be solve

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much for the recommendation, it seems that this review tool is very useful.
Since I urgently need to solve this problem, I began to analyze the form in more detail and found the error in the choice_filter. For example, I had city_filter=new york, and I didn’t accept that in Kobocollect for some reason, but in the choices sheet I changed it to a number and it worked. to take into account in the future.


@Elvin3dk :tada: @surveyorjr :bowing_man: