Problems with Dynamic Data Attachments and "relevant"

Hello, good morning to all. I have made a mother and a child form, but I am having problems with the questions that have “relevant”, I do not know if someone could help me with it. The problem is for example, with department, province and district that I have had to take it out so that the form “works”, but I need it and I would like to know how to fix it to add it. Thanks
Form_madre.xlsx (190.8 KB)
Form_SIS.xlsx (26.9 KB)

@juansaavedra29, did you mean you wanted to make a cascading select question for the department, province, and district level variables?

Yes, but I think I solved it. However, I have a doubt and that is when I create the groups (start group - end group), it doesn’t work anymore. So I have left it a bit messed up, can I do something about it?
Form_SIS 003.xlsx (26.8 KB)