Problems with Inter-block connections

Hi all!

We have a household survey form with around 11 blocks which have a few inter-block connections. To be specific, block 3 collects data on household characteristics and if a household member has said yes to a particular question in block 3, another block 7 should open for that member. Similar connections are made from block 3 to a few other blocks. However, we are facing situations where the blocks are not opening for the household member who has said yes in block 3. There are also cases, where blocks are opening when not applicable.

What could be the possible reasons for this and how can we resolve this?

Many thanks:)

Hi @soniasebastian12 and welcome to the community!

What you are referring is called skip-logic or relevant conditions. Hint: you can check the help article about it.

If you share some screenshots of the relevant columns of your xls form, we can take a look into it together, and try to solve it.