Problems with Repeat Group

Hello, I hope you are doing fine.
Currently, we have a form for service mapping and we’ve been having some trouble with Repeat Groups.
The form has a first part where you can add the organization’s basic information, and then they go to the next page where the person loading the information has to add the service information, service by service, (this is a big repeat group, because if they only have one service, they only add information for the first page, and send, but if the have more services, at the end of the page, they can add another service, and it deploys a new page for the second service) In this service page, they have the identification of the service and then they have to add the location, here we have another repeat group, because they can add several locations for the same service, and within this repeat group there’s another repeat group, so they can add as many contacts for the location as they need, this is a requiered field.

The problem is that if they add more than one location in any of the pages, the other ones will present one or several of this issues:

  • Erase de text information in the second repeat group inside location (the contact information), it actually shows the information but says this field is requiered, like there was nothing there. (Image1) As this field is requiered it wont let them send the form… If I change the field to not requiered you can send the form but it doesn’t save any information introduced in the field.
    -It also aggregates a non asked new group (Image1)
  • It doesn’t show the fiixed fields for the location, only a “+” (Image2)

    -In the cascade selection for the location, in the first location for the second service, it won’t show any options, and after you open a new group and select a state it won’t show any options for the first one, and those options are all of the selected in all locations.

I don’t know if the problem is beacuse there’s two repeat groups inside another repeat group.

I’m attaching the Xls Form, it’s in spanish, it will take a big time to translate, because is kind of long.
Mapeo de servicios Formulario.xlsx (50.6 KB)

Can you help me? Please!!! This is pretty urgent :confused:

When I take out the inner repeat group and try to download the information (all deployed versions) it gives me export failure!!! I’ve been doing this changes in another form, not the one with the organization’s entries, so I won’t damage the dataset. But this is the only way I could solve the problem stated before and I need access to the loaded information

Hello @analucia_espinoza ,
Just an idea for better locating the problem: Maybe you can clone the form and try the following:

  • delete/deactivate the choice_filter
  • delete/deactivate the relevants.

You may do this by simply renaming the column, like XXchoice_filter. If the issue persists, you know at least where you don’t need to search.

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Hello @wroos, Thank you!! In the location part (where I have the problem) there are no relevants, we do have a choice filter, but it works fine when I take out the repeat group for the location’s contacts.
We really need the repeat group for this, we want to have all contacts related to the service.
Can you tell me If it is not possible to have several repeat groups inside other repeat groups, If that’s it, what can I do??

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@analucia_espinoza, seems like you are trying this with Enketo would you also mind trying it with Collect android app first with KoBoCollect and then with ODK Collect to see if the issue is same in all the scenarios?