Problems with XLS Form giving Error 500 in Deployment


This is my first time building an XLS form. the form is giving me "server error (500)’ since yesterday. I have also tried to fix some of the variables that had been identified to have errors. So now I do not know where I am getting it wrong.

Hi I am trying to deploy my XLS Form and it is giving me server error (500).

Hi @madeirac, are you still facing this error? We had some server issues earlier today that have now been resolved.

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Hi Josh

Yes I am still having the same error message coming up. thanks for the quick response.

Hi @madeirac, this is likely an issue with your XLSForm. Can you please share your form so I can take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Josh

It’s a household survey tool that I have been trying to develop. I will greatly appreciate your feedback and support.

Kobo HH Tool 23 August 2021.xlsx (42.1 KB)

This is the Word version of the tool. You may find there are some sections/ variables/ questions in the Word version that are missing from the XLS Form. I deliberately left them out so that I can trial run the form first before completing the tool since it is my first time to do this, just to see how it is coming out.

(Attachment Assessment TOOL 2021.docx is missing)

Hi @madeirac, I’ve had a brief look through your XLSForm and there are many issues that need addressing – unfortunately I’m not able to fix everything for you but @Kal_Lam and the community can assist if you need additional help. Some things to take note of:

  • Make good use of ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x for testing your forms and find errors
  • Continually test your form with the validator as you build it up so it’s easier to squash bugs along the way, rather than trying to fix many at the end
  • Make sure to follow naming guidelines here and here (there are several list_names containing spaces)
  • When you reference variables, make sure to use the syntax of ${variable} and not {variable} (refer to all your selected() calculations)
  • Make sure all questions have a question type (there were two that didn’t)
  • choice names must be unique within a unique list_name (there was at least one duplicate)

Work on addressing those and whatever else the validator tells you and then hopefully you’ll have a working form soon enough :slightly_smiling_face: Hope that helps.


Thank you so much Josh for the assistance. I wasn’t aware of the validation platform. Let me try again using that online platform. Will let you know the result. :blush: :


Thank you very much josh for all the assistance. I have successfully deployed my first form. :+1: :+1: