Procedure for my industry to get branded server

Community, I would like to find out how my industry can get a branded server and process to go through in getting its own branded server. My industry is data driven and upon several presentations done on KOBO, my industry management would like to get it own server to ensure full data protection. If community can advise me on it and the full procedure.

Hi @pee10,

There is a wonderful help article for your question: Installing KoboToolbox on Your Own Servers — KoboToolbox documentation

As stated in the article:

Warning: Installing KoboToolbox on your own server requires advanced server administration and programming skills. Please understand that you shouldn’t use this in a critical environment without having the technical resources in place to troubleshoot if needed.

If you are looking for technical expertise, you might want to create a post in the Job Board - KoboToolbox Community Forum section of the forum.

Or if you have specific question / problem you encounter, community will try its best to help you.

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@pee10, FYI our team also supports setting up servers for clients. Feel free to reach us through if you are interested. You should be able to find more details here.


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