Project missing today even without deleting manually

Hello support,

I have logged in today and all of project were there in my account but after some time when i logged in back some projects was missing and deleted. I didn’t deleted the projects in my account. Is it possible that projects got deleted automatically by Kobotoolbox as i can see warning of storage in my account before projects get deleted/missing.?

Welcome to the community, @Ali34! No, please be informed that the system will not auto-delete the projects from your account. Did you ever receive a warning message from any of our team members to upgrade your account for the exceeding (submissions/storage) threshold?

Hi Kal, thanks for quick response, and No i didn’t receive any warning on email registered with Kobo toolbox. but i did see warning for storage in my account. I did delete some data in completed project and today i did that too but i never delete any project from account.

Is it possible project get automatically delete from system due to any update or something? I did see an old announcement where it’s mentioned that Error caused deletion of some projects; recovery complete

Sorry, @Ali34! Did you mean you deleted the project or did you mean the system deleted by itself? The system should not have deleted the projects. Kindly please explain so that I could investigate.

I didn’t deleted the projects through my account, Is it possible to know when projects was deleted and from which IP?.

Hi Kal, Can you confirm from developer team about project deletion details?

@Ali34, sorry to inform you that it’s not possible at the moment. But we are working on a feature that should be able to track all the actions in an account as discussed here:

okay fine, but i’m curious to know whether it’s deleted from my account or it’s got deleted by system automatically!. This would be helpful for us to know that kobotoolbox can’t delete projects automatically due to system update or something!

Error caused deletion of some projects; recovery complete

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@Ali34, the system should not delete the projects automatically.

Just to confirm on behalf of the developer team: nothing like this has happened in over 3 years (and all projects affected by that incident were fully recovered).


@Ali34, I found 11 deleted projects in our system’s trash bin and restored them back. Kindly please be informed that they were deleted by the user and not by our system. Please be careful with sharing you login credentials (with your colleagues) moving forward.

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