Project Retrieval

I have a project in my Kobotool but due to upgrade it has been brought down, hOW CAN I RETRIEVE THE PROJECT?

Welcome to the community, @que! Could you kindly elaborate on your issue? Did you mean when you tried to upgrade the KoboCollect Android App on your device? Correct me if I understood you wrongly.

Thanks for the reply.
I mean my past project on repository is available on the kobotool platform. so for those project how can I retrieve the project and data.

@que, could you kindly share a screenshot so that I am aware to know on where it is located? Maybe I could then help.

Please find attached screen shot for the project
Thank you for the response

@que, we request you not share the login credentials on the community forum. You may lose your account.

BTW, the image you shared was from a screenshot chat. I meant did you miss it/lose it from the app, or did you miss/lose it from the server? What did you upgrade that made the loss?

I lose it from the server

@que, kindly please be informed that your project will only disappear from the server if and only if you delete them manually from the server. Also please note that once you delete them, you will not be able to retrieve it back.