Projects disappeared on Toolbox but still visible on KoboCollect

I was working on 2 projects that had issues (I edited them and redeployed; old questions still showed on the forms on the app), when they disappeared from the the list of projects on KoboToolbox. I thought I must have somehow deleted them but it’s actually quite difficult to delete projects and the forms are still showing on the app. I re-created one of them as a new project and shared it with users. They went to ‘Get Blank Form’ and collected it, but the duplicate old one with problems is still showing in the app and I can’t get rid of it. It’s still not showing on Toolbox. How can I find the old forms and delete them for good from everything, to save confusion?

NB I have tried logging out and in again a few times, but the forms are not showing on Toolbox, but are on the list for ‘Fill Blank Form’ on the KoboCollect app.

Welcome to the community, @childrenontheedge! Did you mean your projects are missing from the server?

Thanks Kal_Lam! :slight_smile:

Yes I guess so…? I mean they are missing on

But still showing on the KoboCollect app in Fill Blank Form.

Many thanks

@childrenontheedge, could you share a screenshot of the SETTINGS>Server from the app? Maybe that should give us some clue of what could have happened.

Sure, here you go…

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@Kal_Lam do you have any ideas on what may have happened, based on my screenshot?

@childrenontheedge, could you now share with me a screenshot from within your Fill Blank Form? I would like to see how many blank forms are there in your app.

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Yes, here you go. The Child Story form is the one that I created again when it disappeared from Kobo Toolbox.

@childrenontheedge, did you delete them from the server?

It sounds like you have some old forms that are still appearing on the KoboCollect app, even though you deleted them from KoboToolbox. Here are some steps you can take to try and resolve this issue:

  1. Clear App Data: First, try clearing the app data for KoboCollect on your device. This should remove any cached data that might be causing the old forms to appear. To do this, go to your device settings, select “Apps & notifications”, find KoboCollect in the list of apps, and select “Storage”. From there, select “Clear data” or “Clear storage” to remove all the data associated with the app.
  2. Sync Forms: If clearing the app data doesn’t work, try syncing the forms on the app. To do this, open KoboCollect and go to the “Fill Blank Form” screen. From there, press and hold the refresh button until the sync is complete. This should refresh the list of forms and remove any that have been deleted from KoboToolbox.
  3. Check Server Settings: If the old forms are still appearing, check the server settings on KoboCollect to make sure it is pointing to the correct server. Sometimes, if the server settings are not correct, it can cause the app to display old forms that have been deleted from the server.
  4. Contact Support: If none of these steps work, you may need to contact KoboToolbox support for further assistance. They may be able to help you find and remove the old forms from the server.

I hope that helps!

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I didn’t delete them, they disappeared. I thought I must have deleted by accident but then realised that I couldn’t have done. I created a new one but the one that had disappeared is still showing in Fill Blank Form…

@childrenontheedge, you will need to clear the blank forms first (Delete Saved Form>Blank Forms) from your app and then try to sync your Collect Android App with the server through the Get Blank Form. If it’s there on the server you will be able to see it in your app. If it’s not there on the server, you will not be able to see in it the app.