Projects Legacy does not load

Hello, I have created a few projects and need to share the link for testing. The Project Legacy does not load and gives Error500. Please guide. Thanks.

Would you also mind letting the community know on what exactly would you wish to do with the projects legacy. FYI, i am able to load the same without any issue.

In the projects legacy we have options to review data tables, get link to share a survey to participants, enter data for testing, analyse data, download date. Need to use all these options.

Could you be more specific on which one of these are not working at your end. As for me it’s working smoothly on both the servers (i.e. HHI as well as OCHA) hosted by KoBoToolbox.

Or, maybe you could also share with us a short video of the same regarding what is not working for you.

I have requested my colleague to check if it is working for her and she replied it is not working for her as well. Tried to upload video but it does not accept mp4 format. I have just started using KOBO and need your support. thanks for your time.

Maybe you could upload it through google drive and share it. It should work. The video would help us understand it much better.

BTW, which server are you using? Could you kindly let us know.

I am not sure which server it is. I work with Islamic Relief Worldwide and had received login details officially. I am based in Pakistan and my colleague is based in UK. Will try Google drive as well.

Maybe you could share your login url. This should help us determine the server you are using. For e.g. if you are using the HHI server you should be using the following login link ( and ( if you are using the OCHA server.

Login URL is:

Oh! So it’s a self hosted server of KoBoToolbox.

Should I speak to someone in our ICT team?

Yes, please do. :smiley:
They should look in the server logs to try and ascertain the source of the problem. We don’t have access to these logs because we don’t administer the instance.