Projects (Legacy)

I have more than 300 tool on kobo in total while Having only 176 on the main page.
I want to learn if i can deploy the tools from the project(legacy)tab because not all the projects show on the main project page.
can share me the the method to do so

Hi @iyd,

Welcome to the community! We do not encourage users to use the Projects (legacy) to upload survey project as you may already have seen the following error message while landing on the page:

Kindly please be informed that KoBoToolbox will soon be removing this service as all that can be done through the Projects (legacy) can be done with the KoBoToolbox form builder UI.

Have a great day!


You’re probably seeing this problem:

Until that’s fixed, I’d suggest creating multiple accounts and spreading your projects across them. You can even re-use the same email address for many accounts.

I agree with @Kal_Lam that using Projects (legacy) to deploy forms will likely make your life difficult. Please avoid it.