Pull data doesn´t work in KoboCollect app

Hi everyone, I have a form in KoboToolbox with pull data function and it works smoothly on the website, but it doesn´t work in KoboCollect Android app

The fields with pull data function are “Descripción de la actividad”, “Tipo de actividad” y “Sector” when “Nombre de la actividad” is selected.

This is how it looks in KoboCollect:

Welcome to the community, @andresk11! Maybe you will also need to check the CSV file format. Sometimes, when the CSV file format is incompatible, the pull data function does not work as expected.

Maybe this post discussed previously should also help you identify and resolve your issue:

Hi, Thank you for your answer, I’ve already checked that solution and the CSV file is compatible (as shown in the post). Here is the CSV file I’m using please check it out.
actividades.csv (20.3 KB)

@andresk11, this is the CSV file format as seen in my screen. FYR:

Fix it as outlined in the above post and that should solve your issue.

@Kal_Lam this is how the file looks for me:

@andresk11, maybe you need to try it in a different PC (other then the one you are currently working).

I tried in a different PC and It still didn´t work. Also I tried on a website with CSV Viewer and It looks right.

Can you please fix the CSV file?

Which OS are you using? I tried this with Windows OS using MS Excel 365.

I tried it with the same OS, Windows and Excel 365

@andresk11, could you try following the steps outlined in the post discussed previously: