Pull Data Failed to Load CSV error

Why am i getting this issue yet the csv file is attached.

Welcome to the community, @dddjec! Is this the screenshot you see at your end, too?


Could you kindly share with the community your CSV file so that we could have a look at it to see if it has any formatting issues?

This is my csv file

ComputerLab.csv (1.3 KB)

@dddjec, I see a design issue in your CSV file. FYR …

You have used this column header Machine condition/Does not work smoothly, which is not supported. The list of things that are not supported here are:

  • Spaces are not allowed
  • / is not allowed
  • Maybe rename it as Machine_condition_Does_not_work_smoothly
  • Try to keep the column header as short as possible

These fixes should help you solve your issue.