Pull data from csv locally by Enketo-express (browser)

I was reading about Pull-data where you can feed question with external data contained in a csv file:

If the .csv file contains sensitive data that you may not want to upload to the server, upload a blank .csv file as part of your form, then replace it with the real .csv file by hand-copying the file onto each of your devices.

How can the Enketo-express access local csv file if we know the browser can’t access file system in the first place ?

Which server are you using? If you are using KoBoToolbox’s publicly hosted server you need not worry about the same.

Thanks @Kal_Lam,
we are planning to deploy a KoboToolbox instance on the client server, but that’s not my question.
The point I would like to understand, is how can Enketo-express access local cvs ?

Hi @datarange, unfortunately this isn’t possible with Enketo in the browser.

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Thanks @Josh for confirmation.
That should be made clear in the documentation, specially for non-tech people.

@datarange, I agree :+1: thank you for pointing that out :slightly_smiling_face: