Pull data from kobo to excel

Dear All.

When I try to pull data, the data come in “XML values and headers”. How I can pull this data in another language.

Thank you

Would you mind to have a look at the support article, please

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@slibee, apart from what @wroos has outlined you will need to have more than one language in your KoBoToolbox survey project to be able to download your data in the specified language.

Maybe this post discussed previously should help you understand the issue you are having:

Note: If you have only one language and have not specified the language while deploying your form you will not be able to see the language option while downloading your data.

Dear Kal_Lam,
I want to link data from kobo to power bi and when I link I can’t see data in Arabic for example ( only I see data in “XML values and headers ”.)

@slibee, we have an active discussion in this post:

Have you gone through them? It should solve your issue.