Pull data from other selection

Extract data from another selection.

Hi everyone, I have a little problem with my XLSForm. When I try to import the form to KoBo to test and implement it, I get an error that I neither recognize nor find.

The form has some pull date fields that should be selected automatically depending on the selection made.

I am attaching some sample forms to see if you can support me.

Thanks a thousand !!

Welcome to the community, @stiwardm! We have not receive your xlsform. Would you mind sharing them with the community? Maybe the community would be able to help you solve your issue.

Hello! I am attaching my XLSform

formulario_prueba.xlsx (425.1 KB) formulario_prueba_2.xlsx (435.9 KB) formulario_prueba_3.xlsx (434.9 KB) formulario_prueba_4.xlsx (434.9 KB) glide.csv (8.2 KB)

First Issue:

When viewing your xlsform (formulario_prueba.xlsx) I see a typo:

For instance check out G18 which is pulldata('glide','cod_GLIDE','Tipo_evento',&{Tipo_evento}). Please fix it with pulldata('glide','cod_GLIDE','Tipo_evento',${Tipo_evento}) and that should solve your issue. Fix all the expressions as outlined above.

Second Issue:

The CSV structure you shared is not supported:

You will have to use a single cell to hold a single value as shown in the image below:

You should be able to learn more on pulldata through our support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox


I have the same problem. Please see the attaching imagen.


HI @stiwardm
Can you confirm whether you have gone through the trail of discussion and the solutions provided to the other users first? We encourage users to try looking at older posts first to resolve their problem, then we can advise.


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Hello, yes, I have followed the directions.

Just confirming that your issue is now resolved and this problem does not exist.