Pull data function from barcode scan

Dear Good people,
Hope you are doing fine. Can anyone please help me on my survey tool:
I need to scan a beneficiary barcode for Cash for Work program which contains Progress Id Number, Family case number, FCN Number, MoHA Number, Name, Gender, Date of birth and some other information which I do not need. When I scan this barcode and download the dataset, all information appears in the same cell. I need to share this data in a donor database template which requires all these information in separate column. I have tried to use pull data function, but I am sorry to say that I have never used pull data function, hence could not make it work. Can anyone please please help me to make my survey tool work. Below functions are needed:
**1. When I will scan the barcode and submit the form, required information should go to their corresponding column. **
2. Barcode contains date of birth, but I need age. Is it possible to calculate the age from date of birth which mentioned in barcode.

For your kind information, I have attached here following

  1. The exact barcode which we will be scanning (to share this barcode, beneficiaries consent was taken). This barcode is scannable.
  2. Dataset template shared by donor
  3. List of required information with label from scanned barcode. You will also find data
    and how it looks like when you scan this barcode.
  4. Kobo questionnaire which will be used for this survey.

Many many thanks in advance. You can contribute remotely to the world’s largest humanitarian crisis through this cash for work project.

Cash for Work Beneficiary Profiling Tool.xlsx (11.0 KB) Label of required barcode information.xlsx (150.0 KB) Labor List template of donor.xlsx (36.0 KB)

Have you gone through our post discussed previously? It should solve your issue: