Pull data into the form dynamically

Hi folks, I’m a newbie and I wanted to understand if Kobo Toolbox can do what I’m requiring.

In short, when a user inputs an ID in a form, I need that the form is smart enough to do a lookup of this ID in previous entries and automagically pull up the existing data on this entity, as well as use that data for jumps and validations.

e.g. A survey operator inputs the national identity card ID in the survey, and the survey is smart enough to the operator that an entry already exists for this national identity card ID, and what data is there for it. Then the form allows for either modifying existing records or appending to it.

Does that make sense? Thanks!

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Welcome to the community, @albionx! You could do this by following our support articles:

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That’s excellent, thanks for the pointers, I’ll look into them!

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