Pull Data not Working on Tablet

I have a form that pulls data (sample IDs) from another file. This works in the preview mode, on my computer, and on my android, but not on the tablet.

This isn’t a huge deal, it should be fine if we don’t pull the data from another file. The major advantage for using pull data was that it doesn’t add new columns every time we add samples (~30/week).

Here is a screenshot.

Here is the csv that I was using to pull data.
bangladesh_sample_ids.csv (936 Bytes)

@sphilto, could you remove the empty column and try it again? In addition, could you also let us know if this works with Enketo?

I have also had this problem which of Pull Data working fine on Enketo but not when one downloaded the form on the Tablet, i.e. it would not pull the data even though it said it had loaded the csv file. I may have found the source of the problem for some others. When one creates the original csv form on a version of Excel (in my case South African) which normally treats commas as decimal points the csv file (even though it looks ok) is never correctly formatted When I redid on a UK based laptop which only treats the dot as a decimal point then everything works fine on the tablets.

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Welcome to the community, @ephimi! Thank you for sharing your experience with the entire community! Your experience should also help those having similar issues with the CSV file. :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

Hello, can you explain what change shoul be made in order to have a correct format.

Thank you!