Pull data with cascading

Hi team,

if i choose work as rr_work, my targets are displayed.

but other targets which i dint chose also getting displayed

I cant find a solution to merge my PULL Data func so that which option is selected, related PULL func shud FIRE…

Pls help

@Kal_Lam Pls guide

Your xlsform has issues with the choices sheet:


  • It has space. e.g. RR dept which is not allowed. Try to replace the same with RR_dept or anything you are comfortable with.
  • Similarly, the name has illegal character use. e.g. SIP-DIP DEPT which is not allowed. Try to replace the same with SIP_DIP_DEPT or anything you are comfortable with.

xlsform has executed fine, i am not facing issues there…

I just want only OR func to be worked for PULL Data

Like in the pic above, i chose 1st option so its target is displayed, but a blank also displayed below it (which was for 2nd option). i just want the below blank one not to be displayed…

Its getting displayed because i have 2 PULL data func working as below

I want this PULL data to be merged in single line

Pls guide

Do you mean you do not wish to display the question (response) when the response is empty/not applicable? Instead you wish to hide it as a skip question?

yes, u got the doubt right

Try using the trigger as discussed and outlined in the post discussed here to see if it should solve your issue.

Is trigger supported in Kobo tool box?

Yes, it’s supported!

Cant we merge above 2 Pull Data funcs? So that it works as per the choices selected?

Maybe try using the if-statement if you wish to.

can u just guide…it’s important and am not on too advanced level…
I know I am asking too much…
But it’s really important for me

Here is an example of how it can be used that has been discussed previously:

Ok. Checking

Hi @Kal_Lam l_Lam

I tried my best for If statment in Pull func,
1st option is giving me correct value, when selecting 2nd option, its giving me blank…

Can u pls chk my code?
ONO 3.0.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Hi @vicks88
Can I see some of the bales for work? We may also need to see the csvs


Am providing all the original files with CSV below…

Only error coming is Target spaces below…
If i choose pp_work,so according to codes.csv, only Target for pp_work shud be displayed, but it displays for rr-work also

I am unable to frame an IF condition for PULL Data or may be a better search CSV func…experts can tell

Pls guide @stephanealoo

YUIN 2.0.xlsx (10.2 KB)
Codes.csv (452 Bytes)
staff.csv (4.8 KB)
work.csv (1.1 KB)

@vicks88, maybe this post discussed should help you solve your issue:

OK thanks!

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