Pull data with longer columns is not reading (pulling data)

Dear Kobo Community ,
pull.csv (1.5 KB) aHnk7yQZGAnVo2Y7uaxy9y-4.xlsx (31.6 KB)
I was able to pull data when my csv file has not more than 6 columns , with that same csv file I extended including many variables and upload to the server , but the data is not retrieved , can anyone please help me where the problem is ?

for easy reference I have uploaded my csv and xml form

thank you for all the support

Hi @wb_cjc,

Kindly please be informed that we are at the moment looking into your case. Should take some time.

Have a great day!

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Thank you . Will wait

Hi @wb_cjc
The issue with your form was a simple error caused on your CSV file. Normally the first row of the CSV file is used as the definition of the column names. You should, therefore, consider the same convention for naming a question/variable. In this specific case, change the names that had a slash (/) to underscore (_) and your fine will work perfectly for you. An example being on column M

which I changed to the following

Remember to change all of them i.e. the ones with the problem

I tried it on my end using the following changed CSV file and it worked pretty fine for me
pull.csv (1.5 KB)


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it worked Perfect

Thank you so much