Pull value from xls form & display

Hello guys, I’m glad to have stumbled on this community.

I’m new to kobotoolbox trying to find my feet.

I have an xls form with names of students, their schools, locality, and the cohorts (1 and 2).
The form is for attendance-taking.

There is a daily attendance for a term (15 weeks)

I want a situation whereby when the enumerator selects the child’s name from the school list, two things should happen;

  1. The cohort of the student is displayed (1 or 2)
  2. The cohort determines how many terms of attendance must be filled by the enumerator (5 terms for cohort 1 and 2 terms for cohort 2)

But I’m doing something wrong. Because I keep getting error at the first step that: There has been a problem trying to replace ${cohort} with the XPath to the survey element named “cohort”. There is no survey element with this name

I need help please. Thanks

@zayidhs, have you validated your XLSForm through this online validator? The online validator should also help you identify the syntax issues you are having within your XLSForm.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I used the validator and I got the error message [There has been a problem trying to replace ${cohort} with the XPath to the survey element named “cohort”. There is no survey element with this name].

After going through some notes, I think the best way to go about it is using the pulldata function.

But the information I keep getting is pulling data from an external csv file.

The data I want to access is on the choice sheet of my xls.

Any idea how to go about it? This screenshot should explain a bit.

I think I should also send you a screenshot of the choices sheet.

Thanks once again

The choice sheet is attached here.

There are names of students, their schools and cohorts as well.

Can you please guide me to what I need to do to get survey sheet done properly? I’m at my wits end right now.

@zayidhs, this is the issue that I did not understand. Maybe you could explain it a bit clearly here so that the community should also be able to help you out.


There is a female child social program and eligible candidates have already been enumerated in two different batches (cohorts): cohort 1 beneficiaries have done 5 terms while cohort 2 have only done 2 terms. Each term is 15 weeks.

Now I’m supposed to use the list to create a form so that the attendance of beneficiaries is taken. Thing is I added the list to the choices sheet of my xls form not a separate csv file.

It’s a one-time thing to see if the intervention has helped reduce the drop-out rate for female high school students.

Being new to kobotoolbox, I got a template but had to modify it to suit my needs but I’m having two problems.

  1. Getting the survey form to pull the cohort which a particular beneficiary is from and return as text or integer.

  2. Use the cohort to set repetition for the attendance group since each attendance group has 15 weeks (one term). Therefore, for cohort 1 beneficiaries, the attendance should have 5 instances (terms) and cohort 2 beneficiaries should have only 2 instances (terms) of the attendance.

If I remove the cohort element from the form, it works well on kobocollect.

But I need it to display each beneficiary’s cohort thus, opening attendance for the number of terms that beneficiary has been in school after benefitting from the intervention.

Sorry for the long explanation.

I can’t add the file so maybe I’ll drop the link in case you may want to have a look see.

Thank you.

Hello, good day @Kal_Lam.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Can you kindly help me out with this please? I’m still yet to figure it out and you seem to be the go-to guy around.

Thank you