Pulldata error

Hello everyone, could you help me with the following error. I am trying to use the pulldata function in one of my forms but when I load the form I get the following error. And I have checked the formula but for me it is correct.

Welcome to the community, @luker_proyectos! It seems like the issue is in the pull data syntax that is being used in your XLSForm. Try fixing it, and it should solve your issue.

You should be able to learn the correct syntax from this support article Pull Data Functionality in KoboToolbox.

Thank you very much for your help. I checked again the syntax of the formula, but I don’t see any error and check that the file name is the same in the formula.

@luker_proyectos, could you remove the ' from the pulldata function and then retype ' again to see how it bevahes? In addition to this could you also share a screenshot of the headers of your CSV file? This should let us know the variable names you have it there.

Hi, I did what you suggested to remove the ’ and with this I managed to load the form without errors but when I opened it to validate that the function is correct this message appeared. I also share the picture of the CSV file for the name of the columns.

hello help me with the request in my previous message please. Thanks