Pulldata() function for more than one matching results

Hello guys i need your help on a pulldata() function.
i have a csv file where i stored house_no and individual_id and name living in it
the data will look like this
house_no individual_id name
1 11 aa
2 21 bb
1 12 cc
1 13 dd
2 22 ee

and i want to pull individual information in the csv file based on house_no
i tried to follow the documentation and it only shows only the first matching record(example if i enter the house_no=1, it only pulls 1,11,aa instead of displaying

Please help me with this.


@alazar_baharu, yes, that is how the pulldata function works. Please be informed that the identifiers should be unique. Having duplicate identifiers will not work as expected.

Thanks for the quick response. From what you said i understood, there is no way to achieve what i need. I will amend your suggestion in my form with unique id

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