Pulldata is not working on KoboCollect

Hi, im having the same problem. Pulldata is working on the web but not on the android’s app, I’ve already check the conversation you had but I can’t find the mistake in my form. Could you help me please??
axJFxFJ5LPpqeryKon6GU6.xlsx (13.7 KB)

Welcome to the community, @esttefanyalvarez! Did you check your CSV files as outlined in the post discussed previously?

The discussion there should solve your issue.

Yes i have the data in that form, you could see it here, still not working
kits.csv (14.2 KB)

Your CSV seems to be in this format:

Would you mind changing it to this format:

Note: You will need to save .csv file in UTF-8 format if pre-loaded data contains non-English fonts or special characters this enables your Android device to render the text correctly.