Pulldata is not working on KoboCollect (Android)

@Victorpaisano25, you should be able to achieve the desired format by following the instructions as outlined in the steps shared below:

Step 1:

Open the CSV file. You should see your CSV file in the following structure:

Step 2:

Select the column that contains the data.

Step 3:

Select Text to Columns data tool from the Data Tab.

Step 4:

By default, you will see Delimited being selected. Now press Next.

Image 4

Step 5:

Select Semicolon and press Next.

Image 5_1

In some cases, you may also need to select Tab along with the Semicolon if the data has line breaks in it.

Image 5_2

Step 6:

Now you will see General being selected. You could simply press Finish.

Image 6

Step 7:

You should now get a dialogue box as shown in the image below. Simply press OK.

Image 7

Step 8:

Your CSV is now as shown in the following structure:

Reference CSV File that has been fixed:

PDPesaje.csv (312.5 KB)