Pulldata using barcode scan is not working on Kobocollect App on Android

Hi. In order to learn how to use pull data, I work on your templates. Although, it works great on enketo webform by manually completing the barcode number but I cannot get it to work on kobocollect app neither manually neither using barcode scan. Could you help me solve it and explain why it happens?

Hi. I try to use pull data using barcode scan. On ENKETO webform works great when I enter manually the ID. But it doesn’t on the Kobo Collect App on Android neither when I use the barcode scanner neither when I change to the question to text and I enter manually the ID. I upload the files I am using.

ID Barcode & Pull Data.xlsx (6.1 KB)
codes2.csv (84 Bytes)

Welcome to the community, @alexiou92! I find an issue with your CSV file format. Your current CSV file format is as shown in the image shared below:

Image 1

It should be in the following file format:

Image 2

Fix your CSV file as in the desired file format and it should work smoothly even in your Collect android app.

Thank you for the answer. But I cannot do that because the CSV file by default when is saved, is turned to the first format., even if when I open it with excel it is shown as the second one. Which programm do you use to save like this the CSV files?



Here is an example of a CSV file saved in the format requested above: