Pulling data into PowerBI - errror due to columns not found in dataset

Hello everyone,

Let me start with: I’m both new to this forum and to KoBo Toolbox. So in case my question has already been discussed in a different thread or just reveals my inexperience, please be patient with me.

I am trying to establish a connection from KoBo Toolbox to PowerBi in order to get my dashboards automatically be updated when pressing the refresh button in Power Bi.
I managed to initially load the data, but now when I try to refresh I get an error message that a column cannot be found - and consequentially the data is not updated. I haven’t changed any questions or question order or names or anything else though, so no idea, where that error message could occure from, I also see the column in the data view in KoBo.
The error message looks like this:

  • unfortunately in German.

Anyone any ideas, what I could try to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

If you havent change “ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING” in the names…could be that Power BI changed the amount of colums ut is getting in the query…
I usually go to the advanced query editor…
1st setp is always the source…
if you have “columms”, like here…with a fixed number:

Remove it…
And click done.


…Well yes, thank you so much, it seems to work now. Amazing.

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You welcome.