Pulling Data into Tableau Public

Can someone help me in connecting my data to Tableau Public (desktop) software?

Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Bonjour @Kal_Lam , ce conteneur web ne fonctionne pas. Existe t’il une méthode plus simple de connecter KoboToolbox à Tableau Software ??

It’s only possible through the API that has already been shared in the post.

Thank @Kal_Lam. the problem is the connecteur (https://kwdc.herokuapp.com/ ) does not work. it returns an error message

Maybe you will need to try this out with a publicly hosted server instead of the self-hosted server?

I’m using the kobo humanitarian server, I didn’t self-host it.

This should not be the URL then:

Okay. What is the URL that allows me to have the API of the humanitarian kobo server to connect Tableau software.
Thank you very much @Kal_Lam for your answers.

Maybe these support articles should be helpful for you to solve your issue: