Pulling text answers from a repeat group and display them as multiple choice options

Hello community. Mi first time posting, but have used your help several times.

I have an issue at hand. I want to retrieve “text answers” from a question inside a repeat group, and show them as answers in a subsequent multiple choice question. The limited text inputs are provided by C1 (name) and I1 is where I want to showcase them (in a mulple choice question.

Welcome @j_hazeen2,
As often, the search function of this forum can provide help, e.g. Is it possible to create a select_one type question where the choices are all the names entered in a previous repeat group question? - #5 by Kal_Lam.

Hint: Don’t forget to check your form with the famous Online validator during development and before deployment, please.

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Thanks @wroos

I am excited to join. I appreciate very much the anwser provided; unfortunately, this seems to be possible using a “select_one” option and not a “select_multiple”. Is there a workaround for this?

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I’ve been trying to do this too, I thought I could workaround this by using ranking but there seems to be a glitch