Putting a relevant in a question

I have a question that I can’t code.
I have three questions that ask :
Q1: Over the past thirty (30) days, what was your household’s primary source of FOOD?
Q2: In the last thirty (30) days, what was your household’s second source of FOOD?
Q3: In the last thirty (30) days, what was your household’s third source of FOOD?

I make sure that the respondent cannot choose the same answers to all three questions.
So as answers Q1# of Q2 and Q2 # of Q3.
I don’t have any problems with this.

But then I realized that some respondents may have only one food source, not necessarily the right one.

Now, how do we put a relevant if the person has only one food source, we don’t ask him the other two, so we skip the two questions while keeping these constraints (Q1# of Q2 and Q2 # of Q3. ) in case we find someone who has all three sources.

How to make the relevant


@Karimzak, maybe you could design the form using rank questions as discussed in this post discussed previously:

You should be able to learn more about ranking questions from our support article Rating vs Ranking Question Types.

Thanks for the quick answer.
I see in this example if the person ticks several then he can rank from first choice to third choice.

And if the person says I have only one source of income. There’s no need to rank this is the only option that should normally come up and the interviewer selects the choice and continues on to another question with no need to rank.
How can I do this without going through a loop?

@Karimzak, if this is the case then you could do it as discussed in our previous post: