Putting Data Collected from Matrix Question in normal table in Excel (when downloading data)

@Kal_Lam how do you put data collected in a matrix question where all data are stored in one row in normal table for analysis or how do you analyse such data?

when you collect your data from a matrix question type, all the data are stored in a row. They don’t stay in the table format. What steps are required to put in table format so that it can be analyzed in other statistical software? or there a way on how this data is analyzed?

Welcome to the community, @chikumbuts! Did you mean you wish to store your data in a table format (instead of the row format that it is currently stored) when collecting your data for a matrix question?

Yes. I want to have the data in table format instead of a record being stored in one row.

@chikumbuts, sorry this is not possible at the moment. Maybe this could be a new feature request. Hence, I changed the post to a feature request. Feel free to VOTE for it or contact us if you want to sponsor this feature.