Pyxform updates

We need to be able to use select_one_from_file in an XLSForm which we upload to KoboToolbox and deploy for data collection using Enketo.

Currently, forms like this can’t be deployed because of

I’d like to fix that (I can confirm that Martijn’s suggestion works) and submit a PR, but I am not sure which branch to base the required changes against. seems to be the master repo, and it includes which closes and provides the select_one_from_file support.

However, seems to have diverged significantly from but seems to be the one that Kobocat is using (requirements/base.pip has git+ That branch doesn’t seem to have

I don’t think I can easily switch back to Master or to because the KoboToolbox master includes commits that add functionality, e.g. the SPSS Labels, that isn’t in the XLSForm/pyxform.

Do you have any recommendations on the best way to get the select_one_from_file functionality into the version of Pyxform that is used by Kobocat?