QR code question - Android compatibility

Hi, I’m creating a form with a QR code question (barcode type). The android devices for data collection haven’t been purchased yet, and the question came up about device requirements. I can see here that a barcode question “requires the barcode scanner app to be installed”. Does anyone know, or have any experience with, minimum Android requirements for compatibility? For example, I found this QR code scanning app that seems to be backwards compatible with Android 4.1 - would this mean KoBo would be able to scan QR codes on an Android 4.1 phone? (Or if going off KoBo’s own app compatibility, Android 5.0?). Alternatively, does anyone have any experience running a barcode-scanning form off of an old android device?

Welcome to the community, @amschel! Collect android app versions 1.7.0, and greater should support barcode question type. The only thing you should have on your device is a camera to scan the barcode.

Thanks! Just to clarify though, I think you might be talking about the version of the Collect app itself? I was wondering more about the Android operating system/OS version of the phone

@amschel, any android device (OS) that supports Collect android app version 1.7.0 and above should also support the barcode question type.