Question about "begin repeat"

Question about “begin repeat”.
Hello, dear community.
I apologize in advance if my question is in the wrong place (wrong topic).
I am a beginner with kobo and data analysis.


  1. begin repeat. This option as you know repeats questions. But it outputs the answers in a separate sheet with data. Is this normal?
  2. If this is normal, how do you do the analysis?
    Because it creates problems for us. For example:
    There is a survey of people
  • The number of people in the family (for example they write 2).
  • There is a block of questions ( disability, age, sex) and so for each family member depending on how many specified people in the family, in the last question.
    All these obtained data are displayed in a separate sheet with the name of the repetition group.
    How do you process this data? Is it possible that kobo does not create a separate sheet, but just writes the values in a line through commas?
    If not, how can I quickly link each questionnaire to the answers that are on a separate sheet?
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Peace, everyone.

You may have a look at the Help Center article, please:

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Thank you so much for the reply.
I have read and watched the video.
Judging by the results at the end of the video, this procedure duplicates rows (questionnaires).
Consequently, there is a lot of identical data.
Is there any other solution?