Question format that allows slashes to be inserted between letters

I’m looking for help on a question format. I have a timed reading fluency assessment that needs the user to insert a slash between words. They have 2 minutes to insert as many slashes in the correct place in a set of word chains as possible. (There are about 60 word chains.) So the word chain looks something like this:


and the slashes go in like this:


Users need to mouse click or tap the screen to insert the slash, or click on the slash again to delete it, if they want to place the slash elsewhere.

I have seen some assessments that do the task with spaces between the letters to make it easier to put the slash in.

s i l v e r | n e w | t o p i c

Is there a way of doing this? I’m using webforms.

Welcome to the community, @CathLan! Did you mean you wanted to try KoboToolbox’s literacy wizard?

The literacy wizard looks like an oral reading fluency task, where the reader reads out loud to an evaluator, which is similar - but the word chain task measures silent reading fluency.

I want the reader to manage the whole process themselves. (This is a self-managed, group administered assessment.) Rather than marking words the reader cannot read with a strikethrough, the reader draws vertical slashes between words in a word chain to show their ability to recognise words at speed.

Time lapse is important - the reader has 2 mins to complete as many slashes (correctly) as possible. It’s also important to record how far the reader got - how many word chains were attempted.

I was hoping to include it as part of the existing form that includes several other tasks.