Question is mandatory but data has not found

Dear KoboToolBox Support Team,

I am using KoboToolbox from 2021 successfully and highly appreciated about it and the support team.

Recently, I have developed a questionnaire named as “PCC for DR-TB Tool” which is related with Health sector as I am working in.

There are two mandatory question (picture: problem_01_01 and problem_02_01), where I cannot get data in my data section (problem_01_03 and problme_02_03).

Can you pls solve this problem and help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

@asif_rahman_joy, did you add these questions lately and then redeploy your project?

Dear @Kal_Lam ,

I am not sure about it. It may happen.
I had developed fully and deployed the form at first but then I had edited “Label” with our language “Bengali”. Meanwhile, field workers started fill up the form.

What is the probable cause for this type problem? What can we do now?
Pls. advice.



@asif_rahman_joy, I assume this is what is causing the issue. Could you try the same steps on a dummy project to see if you are able to replicate the issue? If yes, then we could create a GitHub issue for the same.