Question Matrix in XLSForm

I tried to create a Question matrix in XLS form however it gives me this message
Error: Unknown question type ‘begin_kobomatrix’. when I test the form using XLSForm Online v2.x
how can I fix it?

@Ahmed.Seliem, the online validator should not recognize the begin_kobomatrix you have used. This is because, begin_kobomatrix is something that will only work with the KoBoToolbox enviroment. You could directly upload your xlsform to the system (KoBoToolbox) to test and see if it’s working.

It gives me this message “# Server Error (500)” Parents FGDs.xlsx (18.8 KB)

@Ahmed.Seliem, seems like you are missing the instructions to design your matrix question. Maybe this support article Question Matrix Response Type (especially the second half of the support article) should help you solve your issue.