Question Matrix jumbling my responses

Every time I enter my column information save the forum and come back my answer order gets jumbled up. IS there a workaround for this issue? As you can see form the screenshot the order should be 1,2,3,4,5 but it rearranged it to a random order. All I did was save the form exit then open the form builder back up.

Hi @Anderson,

Could you share with us your xlsform so that we could try it out at our end and see if the same issue is seen at our end?

Please have a look at the screenshot of the matrix question that seems to work fine at my end (with HHI server).

Here is the XLS though I am not sure how well it works when downloading the xls after building it in the form-builder then loading it back up. Haven’t gotten good results.

aCQpBbGADLj4WznvYcL2KW.xls (66 KB)

Hi @Anderson,

I checked your xlsform with both HHI server and OCHA server and it seems to work perfectly. As a reference i would like to share a screenshot from the form builder user interface and the Enketo.

KoBoToolbox Form Builder User Interface:


Would you mind working around like using a different browser viz. chrome; uploading the xlsform in a different user account that the one you are currently uploading and let us know if it works at your end.