Question matrix misformatted

Hello all, I’m really glad to have found this extraordinary tool and also having the chance to share my findings with the community. Right now I need a bit of help:

I’ve been working smoothly with the tool but somehow, after a logo modification using the xls export and label::image procedure, now when trying to edit few question matrix that are included in our survey, it appears with a completely different and faulty/unmanageable format that I obviously can’t edit or work with. I tried changing over and over again the theme “grid” but didn’t change anything.

  • Can (the question) be recovered ?
  • Do I need to write the question matrix again ?

Thank you very much !

Welcome to the community, @marceloriffo1988! Could you share a screenshot of the same so that the community can also understand your issue pictorially?

Hello @Kal_Lam., thank you very much for the welcome!.

Of course (I didn’t how to upload images yesterday, now I do). There are two screenshots of how the table is shown in the form (everything ok, really beautiful) but also how it is in the form builder. For me at least, unmanageable. Also you can see that the theme set in grid but sadly it doesn’t fix anything .

If you could help would be much much appreciated.

@marceloriffo1988, I don’t see the rows being jumbled up? Or did I miss out on something there?

Oh I see now. The thing was I thought I couldnt format or edit the matrix but in fact I can. Thanks !

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@marceloriffo1988, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: