Question Matrix Mobile Problem

I’m creating a poll. But there is a problem with its mobile view. As this is the case, data entry is complicated.
How can we solve it?
Thank you

Hi @serkantumbas,

Please be cautious if you are building a matrix question: Matrix Question works only with theme-grid settings which you will have to define in the settings tab of your xlsform or in your layout setting under the form builder user interface . And viewing theme-grid setting questions is only available in Enketo and not with KoBoCollect,

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Thanks for reply.

But I get such an image on my mobile phone. I don’t use Kobocollect. Im using enketo style on kobotoolbox.

My settings are correct. Looks right on the computer. However, this is the case with the mobile phone.

Is there a solution for this? Or is Matrix not working on mobile phone?



Hi @serkantumbas,

Kindly please be informed that Matrix Questions requires Grid-theme layout. Having made this change you are able to view matrix questions with Enketo (aka web forms). Enketo can be used both in computers as well as mobile devices. However, the Grid Theme is primarily meant for use on larger screens. The larger screen real estate is required to display questions next to each other.

Hence my advice for you is try viewing your matrix question on a larger screen and you should definitely be able see your matrix question in a much better look than what you are seeing now.

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The table looks correct when the screen is turned sideways.
I will forward these warnings to those who will fill in the link. “Turn the Screen Side!”

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Hi @serkantumbas,

Thank you for adding up on how it solved your issue.

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