Question Matrix type Qs

Hello All,

I created a Question Matrix type question in my form. I have done one submission with it but I am not seeing the responses in the downloaded xls file. I am seeing the responses before downloading under the DATA tab but it shows nothing after downloading. I am attaching snapshot of the DATA tab and the XLS file.
Please Help!!

test2.xlsx (5.1 KB)

Could you share a screenshot of your export setting, please? Did you include all variables (default)?
Can you also share the related part of your form, please?

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Sure, here is the screenshot of my export setting. I included all variables. Let me also share the part of my form.

Hint: If you want all variables for the export, you should not use “select questions …”, but just keep this option buttom to the left (default).

You also wanted to share your form as XLSForm here?

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@Ebti, please be informed that when downloading your matrix question data, you will need to be a bit careful to understand how they are structured as you do not get the data structure you usually get for other normal variables.

Is there any documentation about this, please?

Can you please specify what I should send?
I have tried to not use “select questions" but leave as it is, but it’s not working.

as XLSForm (.xlsx file), please (the empty form, not the export).

Can you please give me an example of how the file looks? Then I will send you the file.

Would you mind to.take over, please?