Question re: appearance of Question matrix

I have no idea why my matrix question looks the way it does. Can someone assist?

I don’t know how to fix this in Excel. I am wondering if there is a way to prevent this in Toolbox. I can make a matrix question with three columns, just not with two. Please help!

Welcome back to the community, @ErinMacLeod. You could solve your issue by following this Grid Theme as outlined in the Enketo Blog. This should give you a picture of how the columns are set.

Thanks so much. I have read that and all other tutorials. They are very helpful for grids that have two or more columns. The situation that I am having problems with is not mentioned.

You should be able to solve your issue if you understand how the columns are formatted as outlined in the shared site.

OK…I have been trying but am still unable. I am going to trybto reformulate the question to have two columns.

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It could take time but going through the resource should definitely solve your issue.

Thanks. My technical understanding of Excel is not good enough to be able to negotiate the solution. I would need someone to walk me through.

Maybe feel free to share your XLSForm with the community. The community should be able to help you out.