Questionnaire is not updating

Hello. Today we updated the questionnaire several times, but after opening it for some reason it is not updated - it still writes the old version (Test 2), although it has already been updated to Test 5. Some people do not even can open the questionnaire and it shows the error “CSV column heading “hh_change_reason/ respondent_elsewhere_with” cannot be turned into a valid XML element”
The page has been updated several times, but it does not help. Clearing the cache and using a different browser doesn’t help neither.

It seems like the issue is in the title of the form. Did you also update the title?

We have updated everything as usual. But the problem is not only in the title, the data in the questionnaire is also not updated

The problem was solved by deleting the variable “hh_change…”

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Thank you @Vizavi, for sharing the solution with the entire community! :clap: :heart: :partying_face: