Questions not appearing in the questionnaire, altough well "conditionned" in the platform


I have another question because another issue occured while trying to start processing the data that was on the platform. After extracting some datas in excel, I realised that some questions have not been answered too. But the problem is that they are very important questions for our monitoring. I first thought it was because there was a problem in the “conditioning” of the questions, but after checking with the online form, everything seemed normal. The questions are well conditionned, so if you answer “Yes” to one, you should have the question N°… following. But this is not the case on the form in the Kobo App. Another question appears instead. Have anyone already had this problem before ?

I can also send access to the form if necessary.

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Do you mean your questions (that should appear) are not appearing in your survey form?

Exactly @Kal_Lam
They do not appear either on the survey form of Kobo Collect, nor in the visualisation of the form on the platform (in the overview).
But when I go to the survey editing, every questions are well conditioned


  1. Did you change anything for these questions and redeploy during data collection?
  2. Do you use multiple languages?
  3. If yes,
    - are there right-left aligned languages?
    - Which is the default language?
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Hello @wroos,

  1. We redeployed the formula the last time on the 21st of december and the data collection started on the 4th of january. See the screenshot attached.

  1. No, only french.

See also

Any ideas ?

Hi @koboML
This is is an issue with the form itself. The fact that you cannot see it on the KoBoCollect or the form preview means that either the changes haven’t been deployed and/or included in the skip logic.

I recommend that you start by redeploying your form and seeing if it solves the issue. If not, could you please share your user name in private so that we look at the form?



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