Questions on multiple Kubo parameters/capacity

  1. I was wondering how long you are able to store the surveys on your server?

  2. Does the form have automatic number generation to prevent duplication of surveys if we have data collectors in multiple regions at the same time?

  3. What kind of parameters are in place to prevent data falsification? (i.e. do you have the capacity to enter a time stamp at the beginning and end of each survey)

  4. What kind of support services do you offer if data collectors encounter an error in uploading data while in the field?

  5. Similarly, if staff required support while programming the surveys. What are the support options and costs if applicable?

  6. We have specification for data protection. I understand that once on the survey, the data could be read by Kobo Toolbox staff. I was wondering: (a) for data encryption, what possibilities are there and how do you usually manage the protection of data on your central server? and b) if we needed to remove any recording of GPS location during survey collection to protect data, is that possible?

  1. There is no limit, however we ask that you be conscious of how much your storing over time, because it does cost us extra to keep large amounts of data for long periods. Please keep in mind our server guidelines
  2. Yes
  3. Yes, please review the meta data and audit logging documentation.
  4. We have our community forum where experienced users and dedicated support specialists are available for answering and resolving issues, our help center, and for account specific questions we have FYI: this chat feature will no longer be available within the next couple of weeks.
  5. Our community forum is free to join and offers guidance from experienced KoBo users as well as dedicated support specialists.

Please refer to Currently there are two staff administrators who could potentially access your data.

End-to-end encryption is available but disables our analysis tools, since our server cannot access your plain-text data anymore. See It’s on our wish list to add more user-friendly encryption capabilities; perhaps you or your organization could contribute to this effort: Add end-to-end encryption/zero-access encryption.

No GPS data is collected unless you explicitly add a geolocation question to your survey. If you meant that you might need to remove GPS data after it has been collected, there’s not yet an easy way to edit submissions in bulk and remove a single response. You could export your data and then delete all the submissions completely from our servers. Alternatively, you could edit the submissions individually within KoBo to remove the GPS data, or (advanced and unsupported) use the API to mass-edit submissions.