Questions that follow multiple choices

Hi there.
I am planning to interview shops to know their purchasing amounts, purchasing price, quality, etc. of more than 30 types of agricultural products from around 50 prefectures separately.
I thought that I have to create 1,500 (30 X 50) sets of questions beforehand and make them cascading selects, which can be very complicated.
Are there more simple ways to cover all possible answers?

Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @jumpei27! I think having that long questions in your survey would affect the performance with loading the survey form. Maybe you will ether need to reduce the number of survey questions or maybe divide your survey project to smaller sets that suits to interview a particular shop.

Thank you. I will try.
Is there any function that can create more than one new questions based on the multiple choice answers?
I found that one answer can be included in another question (shown in the link below) but it may not suit multiple answers…

@jumpei27, could you explain this further so that we could have a look to see if this is possible?

Excuse me in advance if it sounds ridiculous.
For example:

Q1: In what prefecture is tomato you deal in produced?
A shop’s answer (multiple choices): Prefecture A, Prefecture B, and Prefecture C.

Then the answers are labeled as ${prefecture}.

Q2: How many kg do you procure rice from ${prefecture}?

In this case, all selected answers are shown in Q2.
Are there any functions to create 3 different questions below?

Q2-1: How many kg do you procure rice from Prefecture A?
Q2-2: How many kg do you procure rice from Prefecture B?
Q2-3: How many kg do you procure rice from Prefecture C?

Another question.
I understand that too many questions may cause a loading problem.
In general, how many questions (number of rows in the excel format) can it handle at the most?

Maybe you could do this through a repeat group question as outlined in the post discussed previously:

There is no defined number of questions that can determine for a survey to be too long which affects the loading time. It is also affected by other factors such as the complexity of the expressions used in the survey form and so on.

This seems what I was looking for. I will try it.
Thank you!

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