Quetionnaire complesion duration is too short

Dear all !

Firstly, you should know: We conducted a face-to-face survey.

My question is about duration of the questionnaire completion. Our questionnaire cannot be completed in 2 minutes but I saw some of enumarators finished the questionnaire less than 2 mins. In addition to this, we had this trouble with some specific enumerator which means tablets.

Below link contains a screenshot to clarify and exemplify to time issue.

Hi @pinars,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind trying the workaround discussed earlier to capture the interview duration instead of using the default start time and end time:

Have a great day!

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I didn’t ask my question sorry @Kal_Lam . I calculated the durations but I saw a 2-minute-questionnaire. How could it happen or can it happen? Is it a technical problem or our enumerator cheated us?

Hi @pinars,

Could you try this one with your enumerators (who has completed the survey really quickly) keeping your calculated time hidden (i.e. by not displaying it for the enumerators) so that you would be able to figure it out if it was the enumerators who messed it up during data collection.

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Hi @pinars

There are a couple of questions I would ask:

  1. How long was your survey designed to take?
  2. Did you create the start date to be calculated at the front? You should lock the calculation to be once() so that the time logged does not change.
  3. You should also add a submission time which would also check the difference between submission.


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Thank you for reply @stephanealoo !

Our survey lasts 5-15 minutes. I created something like this:

Are these OK? Or you said something else?

I added submission date but how can I add submission time also?

Thank you for replying in advance