QUOTA settings

@Kal_Lam ,

Hi, Please how can I set quota to a particular questions.

Foe examples. we need only 70 males and 30 females to answer the question

If a question says
Q1) Are you a male or female
Option 1 … male
Option 2 … female

The moment males options selected is up to 70 no option to selected male again, it will close the survey or not move to next question and if females selected is up to 30 options it will close the survey or not move to next question.
Thank you.

Sorry @FEMMMY, this feature is not available with KoboToolbox. We, however, have a feature request for the same.

Maybe you could VOTE for the same to make it a reality in the future.

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Thanks so much @Kal_Lam appreciate
your quick response

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Hello @FEMMMY,
Workaround might be: Monitor the submissions total on the server. If both limits, for females and males, are reached, stop further submissions (by permission change). And delete the overflow cases for females and for males, based on _submission_time.

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Also archiving the project/form will stop submission rights.

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